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Parents Association Board Member Elections

Election Protocol

The Parents Association is managed by a Board of Directors that consists of at least seven and at the most fifteen active members of the organisation.

The Election Board

  1. The Board of Directors of the Association is charged with composing an Election Board.
  2. This Board may only consist of a maximum of two members from the same language section.
  3. The members of this election board can not at the same time be candidates for the elections.
  4. The members of the Election Board must choose their Chairman.
  5. The Election Board is responsible for the proper proceedings of the elections and makes sure that the results are followed through.
  6. The Election Board will be discharged the moment the results of the elections are announced and accepted by the General Assembly.

The number of seats on the board

  1. Each section of the school is entitled to a specific number of mandates, which is calculated on the basis of the number of students per section that are officially enrolled in nursery school, primary school and secondary school on 15 September. The official list of students is drawn up by the school management.
  2. The number of seats of every section on the board of directors is obtained by dividing the respective number of students of the different sections by one fifteenth of the number of students of the school and by applying the following provisions :
    I) every section of which the quotient of the division is smaller than one is entitled to one seat
    II) every section of which the quotient of the division exceeds one is entitled to the number of seats that equals the whole number of that quotient
    III) Any remaining seats are allocated to the section with the highest decimal in its quotient. In case of equality the seat will be allocated to the candidate who is elected with the highest number of votes.The number of candidates to be elected in each section is determined by the difference between the number of seats to which the section is entitled and the number of non-resigning members of each section.
  3. If the number of seats to be allocated is negative for one or several sections, the calculation described under b is made again on the basis of a number of seats equalling fifteen minus the negative number of seats.
  4. If a section nominates a lower number of candidates than the number to which is entitled, the unoccupied seats are allocated to the non-elected candidates with the highest number of votes, regardless of their section.

        Potential Candidates

        1. Every member that has paid their membership fee before the announcement of the date of the elections is allowed to send in their candidature.
        2. The staff members of the European school cannot be members of the board of directors, but their spouses can.
        3. Principally a member can only become candidate for the section to which their children are enrolled. Exceptions can be made when no candidates are found for a particular section.


        Timing/Time Period

        1. The Board of Directors has to draw up the Election Board at least 10 weeks before the elections.
        2. The Board must give notification of the number of mandates per section at least 8 weeks before the elections.
        3. The candidatures for each section must be addressed in writing to the Chairperson of the Election Board at least 4 weeks prior to the elections (post stamp proves authenticity)
        4. The names of the candidates must be announced to all members of the Association at least 2 weeks before the elections.
        5. The elections start and end at a previously decided time.

        Term of office of the directors

        The directors are appointed for a period of two years, but are eligible for re-election. Interim directors are only elected for the remaining term of office.