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These are the After School Activities currently offered

MULTISPORT (14:00-16:00)
Friday: Primary 3-5 (Max 20 children)
Indoor and outdoor sport games (sport clothes required)
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DUTCH (14:00 -16:00)
Monday: last year Nursery and Primary 1 & 2
Pupils learn Dutch in groups according to their age
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ART & CRAFT WORKSHOP (14:00-16:00)
Monday: last year Nursery and Primary 1 & 2 (max 20 children)
Friday: Primary 3-5 (max 25 children)
Drawing, painting, weaving, ceramic, sewing, cooking
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COOKING (14:00 - 15:30)
Friday: Primary 4 - 5 (max 12 children)
 children will love to cook!!


Monday: last year Nursery and Primary 1 & 2 
Dance with a professional teacher
Dress :body top and tights or stretched leggings and T-shirt

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PIANO (first group 12:45 (Fri) 13:45 (Mon), last group 15:45)
Monday :  last year Nursery and Primary 1 & 2 (max 15 children)
Friday: last year Nursery and Primary 1-5 (max 15 children)
Pupils learn how to play piano, sing, read music and rhythm. 1 hour lesson.
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Monday: Nursery (max. 15 children)
Combination of gymnastics, dancing and singing to give the kids a great time.
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Friday: last year Nursery and Primary 1-5 (max 24 children)
Hip Hop dancing: It is one of the popular forms 
of physical exercises for young children.
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Friday: Primary 1-5
Let’s play together football to give kids great time!

Friday: Primary 1-5 (max 24 children)

Let's have fun learning Spanish!


Good to know:

    • Activities are organized during the daycare. Daycare ends at 16.15.
    • Activities where less than 7 children are registered cannot be organized. Parents will be informed by email.
    • If you have any ideas for other activities to be organized during daycare, please contact us.
    • The activities can change from one academic year to another.
    • "Dutch lessons" is an activity organized by the PA. Therefore the price is the normal daycare +the price for the activity added to it. "Language lessons" during the daycare are organized by the school and deducted from the normal daycare fee.