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X-MAS donation to "Moeders Voor Moeders" association

Children from Day Care were asked by Amelia and her team of volunteers to bring a toy that they no longer played with and would not miss : they explained to the children that this would be a different Christmas : instead of receiving presents, they would give the presents to less fortunate children!

Both parents and children responsed very positively to this idea - toys arrived by the dozen !

The children also decorated the wrapping paper and,  under the supervision of Amelia, they did a really nice and creative job of stamping, cutting and pasting.

They turned the toys into really nice presents wrapped in the specially-made paper and put them under our X-mas tree.

All these presents were then offered to an association from Antwerp called "Moeders Voor Moeders", helping mothers and children in difficulty.

It was very gratifying for Amelia and her team to see all the little faces full of joy bringing in the toys, wrapping them and putting them together, so that "Father Christmas" could take them away and make other children happy.

"A true Christmas spirit and the children learned that Christmas is also about giving".

Thank you to Amelia and our Day Care volunteers for their brilliant idea and their commitment to this kind deed at Christmas time!