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The PA will represent your interests in these areas

Class Representatives
The Class Reps, as we call them, are your first line of information. They are aware of all things regarding the class they are responsible for. It's always a parent with a child in the class of which they are the representative. Learn more...

School Admin Board
The PA has 2 members representing you in the quarterly School Admin Board meetings. These meetings are about the management and administration of the school, the budgets and ensures the efficient functioning of the school. Learn more...

Education Council

All matters concerning the school are discussed in these meetings. The PA is there on your behalf. Other participants are the School Director, Deputy Directors and students.

Canteen Committee
The Canteen Committee brings together the Canteen chef, school management, representatives of teachers and students and the Parents Association. The Committee manages the Canteen and is chaired by the PA representative.

Health & Safety Committee
Have you noticed the security at the gate of the school? Three times a year, the PA meets with the school management and representatives of the teachers and students to discuss security and hygiene issues at school. Learn more...

As a Parents Association, we are in close contact with all other PA's of Eruopean Schools (14). Every PA has 2 representatives that attend the meetings where we discuss the future of the Eruopean Schools and issues that are of interest to all schools. Learn more...